A Custom Plastics Team for All Your Projects

A Custom Plastics Team for All Your Projects
28 Apr

A Custom Plastics Team for All Your Projects

The House of Plastics is Tripp’s retail and consumer division that can help with all your plastic needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple off-the-shelf plastics piece or something to help with a custom plastics project, you can find it at the House of Plastics.

Tripp Enterprises has long been a well known name in the commercial plastic industry. Large companies that need quick turnaround and high quality work have always used Tripp for their manufacturing needs. But with more and more consumers turning to DIY projects (thank you Pinterest), Tripp wanted a solution to help everyday people be able to create with custom plastics.

DIY Projects

So you’ve found a DIY idea on Pinterest or from other inspiration, but you’re not entirely sure how to get the material you need or how you’ll design this project. The team at House of Plastics can help you out. Their custom plastics team can get you the materials that you need, including sheets of acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, kydex, and HDPE in many different sizes and thicknesses. If you have a project in mind but need help with the design, the custom plastics team can help you determine the best material for your job and how to piece the materials together. We carry some products in stock, ready for you to pick up right away! Some of these most popular products include acrylic display cases, brochure holders, and flat light diffuser panels. When you’re working on a more custom project, we also carry outdoor table tops, custom chair mats, and desk covers!

Printing Options

Not interested in picking up raw materials, but instead in printing or engraving options? The House of Plastic’s custom plastics team can help in creating everything you envision. Using high quality machinery, our capabilities include laser cutting, laser engraving, heat bending and flame polishing. A wide variety of service allows our team to create your custom plastics jobs quickly, making unique products to fit the style of your business, home, or office. Whether you’re looking for engraved name tags for your workplace or more fun decor-style plastics projects, our team will take care of executing your vision.

Explore our products to see what we can help you with, and trust our custom plastics team with all of your questions. Contact us to learn more about what we can help you with!