How Pocket Name Tags Can Make A Difference In Your Business

How Pocket Name Tags Can Make A Difference In Your Business
25 Sep

How Pocket Name Tags Can Make A Difference In Your Business

It’s time to get peel off those “hello my name is” sticky tags and pin on something better. Pocket name tags can help add that air of professionalism to your business.

Made to easily clip onto a pocket, dress shirt or suit, pocket name tags are made to be durable and scratch resistant. Let pocket name tags become an integral part of your employee uniform and elevate your business to a new level.

Here are some ways that pocket name tags can enhance your business:

Provide customization

Pocket name tags can help to customize your business with their endless design possibilities. Get your name, position and logo engraved, or design it in full color. Let your name tags reflect the personality of your employees and the atmosphere of your business.

Increased security

If your business is large and houses a large amount of employees, pocket name tags can help identify employees. With just a quick scan, you can make sure that everyone is where they should be.

By personalizing the name tag, you can easily show which employees have access to specific areas. Let employees and customers feel at ease by distinctively identifying your staff.  

Boost Productivity

If your employees are easily recognized with a pocket name tag, they are also likely to be more productive. Not only will they feel more like a professional, but will also be held responsible by customers. No more hiding in the background, pocket name tags can help ensure that your customers are receiving the service that they require.  

Name tags can also help your team connect with one another and make the most of their productivity. Everyone will be held accountable to one another.

Grow Sales

Pocket name tags make it easier for customers to find and identify employees. They feel more comfortable approaching you and are more likely to ask questions or get help if a name tag is easily available.

Not only will your name tag give customers your name, but also your position and how you are able to help solve their problem or need. Increased customer interaction will lead to increased sales.

Are you convinced about the benefits of pocket name tags? The House of Plastics specializes in custom engravings, signs, fabrication and cut-to-size plastic. Let us handle your pocket name tag needs and help add that extra edge to your business.

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