Personalizing That Special Gift with Custom Engraving

Personalizing That Special Gift with Custom Engraving
16 Oct

Personalizing That Special Gift with Custom Engraving

Adding a personal touch to gifts and awards for your employees with custom engraving is a great way to show your appreciation for your employees.

Each year you give out a number of special gifts and awards to your employees to let them know they have done something special and deserve recognition. While these little trinkets might seem special to you, if they are all the same, chances are good the majority of them are going to end up in the garbage. Or maybe your employees will stuff them in the bottom of a drawer where they will collect dust and soon become forgotten altogether. 

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Once knowing this, it is easy to think that maybe you should stop giving these awards out, especially if no one truly appreciates them. However, without recognition, your employees might suddenly start to think you no longer care about their hard work. 

So, how would you go about letting your employees know just how much you appreciated them? How could you show the rest of the employees that certain members of your team have extended themselves and risen to the challenge? What can you do to make those special gifts a little more personalized and memorable? Do you need to buy bigger gifts, or have a ceremony? 

The first thing you must understand is that with most of your employees, it's not the size of the gift or the amount of money you spend on that counts. What counts is that you take the time to make each gift personal.

Custom Engraving Can Make the Difference 

One way to do that is with custom engraving on your plaques, trophies, and any other gift you give out each year. The custom engraving you choose can contain information covering why the employee received the special gift in the first place along with their name and the date the award was given to them. 

When you hand out custom engraved awards, your employees will not only be happier to be the recipient of these awards, but they are far more likely to put them out where they can be seen. This means not tossing them in the trash or burying them in a bottom desk drawer. 

If you are ready to learn more about how custom engraving can personalize those special gifts and awards for your employees, contact The House of Plastics at 775-348-6676. Our knowledgeable sales consultants will work with you to develop the right custom engraving for your business and at the same time boost the morale of your employees. 

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