How Printed Name Tags Can Boost Business For Your Company

How Printed Name Tags Can Boost Business For Your Company
13 Nov

How Printed Name Tags Can Boost Business For Your Company

Learn about the benefits of printed name tags and how they can boost your business today. Let our expert custom plastics team at the House of Plastics be your name tag provider.

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It’s happened to everyone. You walk into a business, teeming with people. You have a question, and you walk around searching for an employee to assist you. But no one stands out, no one approaches you, and you end up leaving without purchasing anything.

Don’t let this be your business. Printed name tags offer customers the chance to recognize your employees instantly and get the help they need. Printed name tags are vital to identify staff and increase inclusion and interaction. Especially when working in a sales team, it is important for companies to have their employees wear name tags.

Here are 5 reasons why your company should invest in name tags:


When you give your employees a name badge, it lends them a sense of authority. They become the expert for your store. Customers know that they can approach them and have their questions answered. Employees with name badges present your business in a professional light, which is especially important if you are selling products or services.


With your employees’ names on printed name badges, customers feel more at ease approaching and interacting with your staff. They know exactly who to approach with their needs or problems and can be redirected appropriately. When name tags are introduced, then a sense of trust follows along, making your employees indispensable to your customers.


When your employees wear name badges, research has proven that they often will be inclined to provide better customer service. They are now held accountable to customers, as their name and position are clearly visible. As your team provides better customer service, it will help increase sales with each customer’s great experience. This also offers customers the opportunity to provide feedback on how the store and employees are doing.

First Impression

When all your employees have name tags reflective of your company, it creates a more cohesive unit. Name badges allow you to promote your brand at a small expense. A good quality printed name tag designed with your company’s logo and theme in mind will boost your image and leave a great first impression.


With all your employees required to wear printed name tags, it also helps increase the sense of security for your business. If there is an emergency or issue, name badges make it easy to identify staff that customers can approach and ask for information. This also prevents unauthorized users from going through areas that they are not allowed.

The benefits of printed name tags are far-reaching. They are a small investment that can have huge benefits in the long-run. Specializing in custom plastics, The House of Plastics is a premier provider of quality printed name tags for businesses. You can have them personalized with your logo and company colors, as well as adding any text lines you need.

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